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AES Journal
  • Journal of the AES - June 2018, Vol 66 Issue 6
    This special issue on Augmented and Participatory Sound and Music Interaction Using Semantic Audio (Part 2) includes:
    Paper: Evaluation of Media Device Orchestration for Immersive Audio
    Paper: Accelerometer Gesture Recognition for Participatory Mobile Music
    Paper: Augmenting a MIDI Keyboard Using Virtual Interfaces
    Paper: Characterizing Piano Pedaling Gestures and Techniques
    Paper: Recognizing Speech Emotions for Theatrical Control
    Paper: Developing Metadata Frameworks for Personal Soundscapes
    Paper: Touch the Sound: Designing a Tangible System for Children to Experiment with Sound
    Paper: A Quantitative Study of Visual Programming Languages for Music Creation
    Feature: Loudspeaker Design
    Preview of Spatial Reproduction Conference, Tokyo
    Preview of Audio for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Conference, Redmond
    Section News, Book Reviews, etc.

  • Journal of the AES - May 2018, Vol 66 Issue 5
    This issue includes:
    Paper: Reinforcement-Learning to Achieve Personalized HRTFs
    Paper: Rapid Sensory Profiling of High-End Loudspeakers
    Paper: Control of Fundamental Frequency Fluctuation in Taiwanese Singing Synthesis
    Paper: A Contour Integral Method for Time-Domain Response Calculations
    Paper: Acoustic Event Classificatioon Using Low-Resolution Multi-Label Non-Negative Matrix Deconvolution
    Paper: Listener Preference for Different Mixes and Reproduction Systems
    Feature: Virtual Reality
    Standards and Information Documents
    Section News, Products, etc.

  • Journal of the AES - April 2018, Vol 66 Issue 4
    This special issue on Augmented and Participatory Sound and Music Interaction using Semantic Audio includes:
    Paper: Augmentation of Acoustic Drums using Electromagnetic Actuation and Wireless Control
    Paper: Participatory Design for Digital Musical Instruments for those with Disabilities
    Paper: Design of a Smart Cajón as an Example of a Smart Musical Instrument
    Paper: A Design Template for Locative Audio Experiences
    Paper: A Digital Pen Interface for Semantic Speech Editing in Radio Production
    Paper: Turn-Taking and Online Chatting in Co-located and Remote Collaborative Music Live Coding
    Paper: Assessing Musical Similarity for Computational Musical Creativity
    Paper: Perception of Vocal Traits in Synthesized Voices
    Engineering Report: Using Embedded Linux Audio Systems for Multichannel Music Processing
    Feature: Perceptual Evaluation
    Standards and Information Documents
    Preview of Conference on Music Induced Hearing Disorders, Chicago
    Preview of Conference on Archiving, Preservation, and Restoration, Culpeper
    Section News, Book Reviews, etc.

  • Journal of the AES - March 2018, Vol 66 Issue 3
    This issue includes:
    Paper: Single-Channel Speech Enhancement
    Paper: Required Accuracy of Head Dimensions for Modeling Interaural Time Differences
    Paper: Mix Parameters for Modifying Envelopment in Object-Based Audio
    Engineering Report: Removing Reflections in Semianechoic Impulse Responses by Frequency-Dependent Truncation
    Engineering Report: Wideband Microphone Arrays with High Directivity
    Engineering Report: Reference Equivalent Threshold Sound Pressure Levels for Nonaudiometric Headphones
    Feature: Audio for Cinema
    Standards and Information Documents
    AES@NAMM Report, Anaheim
    144th Convention Preview, Milan
    Call for Contributions: 2018 Conference on Immersive and Interactive Audio, York
    Section News, Book Reviews, etc.

  • Journal of the AES - January/February 2018, Vol 66 Issue 1/2
    This issue includes:
    Paper: An Analytical Approach for Optimizing the Curving of Line Source Arrays
    Paper: Modeling of Reverberant Room Impulse Responses
    Paper: Optimal Control of a High-Frequency Class-D Amplifier
    Paper: Eliciting Expert Knowledge for Object-Based Audio Rendering in Different Systems
    Engineering Report: Perception of Coding Artifacts by Nonnative Speakers
    Engineering Report: Music Synthesis Using Field Programmable Analog Arrays
    Feature: Automotive Audio
    145th Call for Contributions, New York
    Section News, Products, etc.

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