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AES Journal
  • Journal of the AES - January/February 2020, Vol 68 Issue 1/2
    This issue includes:
    Paper: Special Issue on Sound in Immersion and Emotion
    Paper: Language-Agnostic Recognition of Emotions in Speech
    Paper: Continuous Speech Emotion Recognition
    Paper: Sonification of Cross-Cultural Differences in Happiness Tweets
    Paper: Intensity Estimation of Piano Notes in Recordings
    Paper: Using Machine Learning to Categorize Auditory Objects
    Paper: Musical Instrument Tagging Using Data Augmentation
    Paper: Deep Learning vs. Temporal Feature Integration
    Paper: Monophonic Sample-Based Pitch Tracking
    Engineering Report: Electronic Music Production in Ambisonics
    Feature: Worship Sound Academy Preview, Nashville
    Feature: Modeling Audio Effects
    Standards and Information Documents
    Call for Contributions: 149th Convention, New York
    Section News, Book Reviews, etc.

  • Journal of the AES - December 2019, Vol 67 Issue 12
    This issue includes:
    Paper: Comparative Analysis of Classifiers and Feature Sets for Acoustic Environment Classification
    Paper: Rapid Prediction of Polyester Magnetic Tape
    Paper: Playability
    Paper: Simulation of the Ondes Martenot
    Paper: Ribbon-Controlled Oscillator
    Paper: Management of Sound Levels in Live Music Venues
    Paper: A Net-Based Bandwidth Extension Method for Audio Compression
    Paper: Modeling the Perception of System Errors in
    Paper: Spherical Microphone Array Auralizations
    Paper: Preferred Levels for Background Ducking in
    Paper: Broadcasting
    Feature: 147th Convention Report, New York
    Feature: Room Acoustics
    Call for Nominations: Board of Governors, Awards
    Call for Nominations: AES Bylaws
    Call for Nominations: Index to Volume 66
    Section News, Obituaries, etc.

  • Journal of the AES - November 2019, Vol 67 Issue 11
    This issue includes:
    Paper: Sound-Field Visualization Using Spatially-Localized Active-Intensity Vectors
    Paper: Perception of Sound Source in the Frontal Median Plane
    Paper: Adaptive Superdirective Crosstalk Cancellation Using a Linear Loudspeaker Array
    Paper: Parametric Interpolation Methods for Virtual Sound Field Navigation
    Paper: Sparse Time-Frequency Representation for Polyphonic Audio
    Feature: Headphone Technology Feature Article
    Headphone Technology Conference Report, San Francisco
    New Officers 2020
    Section News, Obituaries, etc.

  • Journal of the AES - October 2019, Vol 67 Issue 10
    This issue includes:
    Paper: Reverberator Using Directional Feedback Delay Network
    Paper: Optimizing the Numerical Noise of Parallel Second-Order Filters
    Paper: Generalized Sound Recognition in Reverberant Environments
    Paper: Effect of Audio Production Experience, Musical Training, and Age on Listener Performance in 3D Audio Evaluation
    Paper: Improved Authentication Technique for Forensic AMR Double Compression Detection
    Feature: Automotive Audio Optimization, Testing, Evaluation
    Standards and Information Documents
    Automotive Audio Conference Report, Neuburg
    Review of Sustaining Members
    35th Conference Report, London
    36th Conference Preview, Dearborn
    Section News, Products, etc.

  • Journal of the AES - September 2019, Vol 67 Issue 9
    This issue includes:
    Paper: Reexamination of a Theory of Perception as an Active Process Where Time Plays a Key Role
    Paper: Nonlinear Distortion Reduction in Sound Zones
    Paper: Directional Loudness of Low-Frequency Noises Under Various Conditions
    Paper: Evaluation of Generalized Metrics for Constant Directivity
    Engineering Report: A New Decoder for CD-4 (Quadradisc) Phonograph Records
    Engineering Report: Exploring an Auditory Source Widening Effect in Binaural Synthesis
    Engineering Report: A Database of Measured and Simulated HRTFs
    Feature: With-Height Spatial Audio
    Call for Contributions: AES Academy 2020, Anaheim
    Call for Contributions: 148th Convention, Vienna
    Call for Contributions: Audio Education Conference, Nashville
    Call for Contributions: AVAR Conference, Redmond
    Audio Forensics Conference Report, Porto
    Special Issue on Semantic Music Production, Call for Papers
    Section News, Book Reviews, etc.

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