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Latest issues of the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society.

AES Journal
  • Journal of the AES - July/August 2017, Vol 65 Issue 7/8
    This issue includes:
    Paper: Listener Preferences for Alternative Dynamic-Range-Compressed Configurations
    Paper: Database Matching of Sparsely Measured Head-Related Transfer Functions
    Paper: Supervised Emotion Recognition in Vocal Samples
    Paper: The Emotional Characteristics of Bowed String Instruments
    Paper: Improvement of Externalization by Listener and Source Movement
    Engineering Report: Measuring Loudspeaker Cones with a Laser Doppler Vibrometer
    Engineering Report: How Mastering Engineers Perceive Hyper-Compression
    Feature: Sonification, Assistive Listening, and Soundscapes
    Standards and Information Documents
    142nd Convention Report, Berlin
    143rd Convention Preview, New York
    Call for Contributions: AES@NAMM (Anaheim)
    Call for Contributions: 144th Convention (Milan)
    Call for Papers for JAES Special Issue: Augmented and Participatory Sound and Music Interaction Using Semantic Audio
    Call for Papers for JAES Special Issue: High-Resolution Audio
    Section News, Conventions and Conferences, etc.

  • Journal of the AES - June 2017, Vol 65 Issue 6
    This issue includes:
    Paper: Using Virtual Artificial Heads for Binaural Reproduction
    Paper: Robust Acoustic Contrast Control in Personal Audio Systems
    Paper: Creating Music Thumbnail Segments for Radio Podcasting
    Paper: Musical Instrument Radiation Characteristics in Sound Field Synthesis
    Engineering Report: Evaluating and Optimizing Acoustic Transparency of Electrostatic Loudspeakers
    Engineering Report: Controlling the Dialog Channels in 22.2 Multichannel Broadcasting
    Feature: Binaural Audio and Virtual Acoustics
    Standards and Information Documents
    2017 Sound Reinforcement Conference Preview, Struer
    2017 Automotive Audio Conference Preview, San Francisco
    Section News, Book Reviews, etc.

  • Journal of the AES - May 2017, Vol 65 Issue 5
    This issue includes:
    Paper: Modeling the Perceptual Characteristics of Loudspeaker Reproduction
    Paper: Emulating an Acoustic Violin with Real-Time Signal Processing
    Paper: Separating Singing Voice from Background Music Using Spectrogram Decomposition
    Engineering Report: A Database of Room Impulse Responses Using Subwoofers
    Engineering Report: Operational Amplifier with Low Distortion and Noise
    Engineering Report: A Signal Processing Toolbox for Analyzing Musical Vibrato
    Feature: Real-World Perception
    2017 Audio Forensics Conference Preliminary Program, Arlington
    2017 Semantic Audio Conference Preliminary Program, Erlangen
    Section News, Book Reviews, etc.

  • Journal of the AES - April 2017, Vol 65 Issue 4
    This issue includes:
    Paper: Speech Enhancement Based on Psychoacoustic Masking
    Paper: Binaural Speech Intelligibility Prediction Based on Mutual Information
    Paper: Personalized Object-Based Audio for Hearing Impaired TV Listeners
    Paper: Difficulty in Distinguishing Low-Arousal Music Emotions
    Engineering Report: Quality Control of Electret Condenser Microphone Manufacturing
    Feature: Broadcast and Streaming
    2017 Audio Forensics Conference Preview, Arlington
    2017 Semantic Audio Conference Preview, Erlangen
    Section News, Book Reviews, etc.

  • Journal of the AES - March 2017, Vol 65 Issue 3
    This issue includes:
    Paper: Sound-Source Localization on Flat-Panel Loudspeakers
    Paper: Training Influences the Externalization of Binaural Synthesis
    Paper: Off-Center Listening with Third-Order Ambisonics
    Paper: Elicitation of Perceptual Differences Between Spatial Audio Reproduction Methods
    Paper: Analysis of Listener Preference for Various Spatial Audio Reproduction Methods
    Engineering Report: Loudspeaker Arrays for Personal Audio in an Automobile
    Engineering Report: Preserving Log-Frequency Symmetry with Fractional-Octave Smoothing
    142nd Convention Preview, Berlin
    Feature: Loudspeakers: Directivity, Distortion, Modeling
    Technology Trends in Audio Engineering
    143rd Convention, New York, Call for Contributions
    Section News, Obituaries, etc.

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