Audio Networking - hot topic!

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Skrivet av Steven Liddle   
2012-05-18 22:10

The April 2012 issue of the Journal of the AES has an article written by staff technical writer, Francis Rumsey, which summarises the work presented at the 44th Conference on Audio Networking. AES members can download the article for free from the website.

The AES also issues a 'Call for Papers' this month which specifically wants to hear from members who have written papers related to all aspects of audio networking. The society is planning a special issue of the Journal which seeks to "enlighten the AES community about the various challenges associated with the networked distribution of sound and some of the innovative approaches to these challenges." Papers submitted for this issue of the Journal should be previously unpublished.

Other industry publications have also recently featured articles on audio networking. One example is Installation Europe which ran an article in the April issue entitled 'Paradigm shift beckons'. The article focuses on manufacturers' realisation that interoperable audio and control protocols are perhaps not such a bad thing. Many system integrators use products from a range of manufacturers and need them to communicate without resorting to workarounds and special custom solutions.

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