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2013-05-10 07:36

The next section meeting will take place on Thursday 30th May at 18:30. The venue will be Stockholms Universitet, Inst för data- och systemvetenskap, Isafjordsgatan 39, Kista. Location details can be found here

We are proud to announce that renowned recording engineer, consultant and AES member, Alex Case, will be visiting us in Stockholm. He will be presenting the following seminar:

Recording and Mixing Electric Guitar – Informed Strategies for the Mother Instrument of Rock

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2013-04-03 15:16


In order to reach out to the membership and make the society more accessible to those in other parts of the country, the latest section meeting was held in Gothenburg. We are delighted to report that the event was success with a healthy attendance of members and guests.

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2012-12-04 21:26


Lars Jonsson and Johan Boqvist gave a detailed presentation of the audio network technology used by the national public radio service, Sveriges Radio (SR).

The organisation is at the forefront of research and development of transport mechanisms for contribution networks and distribution networks alike.

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2012-10-16 22:17

Hi everybody!

It seems like a long time since our last gathering but now we're ready with our next offering.

Hopefully you have been keeping up with the Swedish section's activities and will have seen that we have been involved in several events regarding Audio over IP. The theme will be continued at the next meeting where Johan Boqvist and Lars Jonsson from Sveriges Radio will talk about this very subject and also describe the role of the AES X.192 working group in the development of interoperability between different manufacturers' audio and control data.

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2012-10-16 22:17

(English translation further down the page)

Svenska sektionen av AES har äran att inbjuda till sektionsmöte i Göteborg, närmare bestämt på Svenska Grammofonstudion. Mötet handlar denna gång om MIKROFONER - något som man har en imponerande samling av på mötesplatsen för dagen.


Vi har dessutom fint besök även denna gång: Håkan Lindberg från Mikrofonen AB pratar mikrofonhistoria och drar anekdoter från utvecklingen under 1900-talet.

Från Neumann i Tyskland kommer Jörg Pohl enkom för vårt möte och pratar om utvecklingen av digitala mikrofoner enligt standarden AES 42.

Alla är hjärtligt välkomna. Mötet är gratis och öppet för medlemmar såväl som icke-medlemmar. Man skall dock anmäla sin medverkan nedanför. Anmälan är inte bindande, men vi har begränsat antal platser så vi ber att ni tar hänsyn till detta och meddelar oss i god tid om ni får förhinder.

I pausen bjuder vi på dryck och tilltugg.

Mötet är den 7 mars, kl 18.30 och vi räknar med att mötet tar ca 2 timmar. Adressen till Svenska Grammofonstudion är: Gamla Almedalsvägen 1D, hus 37, Göteborg. Det står en vit golfbil utanför, alltså en sådan man kör på golfbanor med. Vi försöker skylta så gott det går.

Hjärtligt välkomna.


The event is now fully subscribed. The next chance to meet up will be at the LLB Mässan (Trade Show) April 23rd to 25th! AES will have a small stand and also be delivering 2 seminars.


The Swedish Section of the AES are happy to invite you to a section meeting in Göteborg, hosted by Svenska Grammofonstudion. The subject for this meeting is MICROPHONES – and this particular venue has an impressive collection of those.

As usual, we have a couple of distinguished guests: Håkan Lindberg from Mikrofonen AB ( will talk about the history around the development of microphones during the 20-th century.

Jörg Pohl, fron Neumann, Germany, will come to Sweden for this meeting and talk about the development of digital microphones, using the AES 42 interface.

We wellcome all – members as well as non-members. The meeting is free of charge and our only requirement is that you register your presence at using the form above. Your registration is not binding, but there is a restriction on the number of participants, so please let us know in good time if you are unable to attend.

Refreshments will be served during the break..

The meeting will take place on the 7th of March, at 18.30 and we expect to finish within 2 hours. The address to Svenska Grammofonstudion is: Gamla Almedalsvägen 1D, house 37 in Göteborg. There is a white golf car (for Golf course) parked outside the studio.




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